Why home maintenance is really important

Why home maintenance is really important – (it’s not just to keep everything running well).

If you have made the bold move into home ownership, then you know that this comes with a great deal of responsibility.

It’s not just about meeting the financial responsibilities – home maintenance should also be high on your list of priorities.

By servicing and maintaining your home and the appliances within it you can benefit from lower repair and replacement costs. You could also avoid costly repairs. Increasing efficiency by setting optimal temperatures can also help lower bills.

But maintenance can also be an important part of making sure that if things do go wrong you have not invalidated warranties or even home insurance.

Warranties on your most costly to repair and replace items – like your HVAC – may only cover costs for problems that are not deemed to be “normal wear and tear”. If the appliance fails due to a lack of maintenance this may invalidate your policy.

Your Money: the Missing Manual estimates that for every dollar you spend on maintenance around the home – you will save about $100 in the future.

Solving problems quickly and early is a great way to avoid them building into something much bigger – and more costly.

Check out our top tips on maintaining your key appliances elsewhere on the blog. And always remember – when in doubt – contact and expert!

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