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Why Home Hub?

The Home Hub App provides a simple and convenient tool to store all the information about appliances and the HVAC at each home. Just scan the data plates on each appliance and we do the rest.

You download the App, register the home and then snap a picture of the name plates on the appliances in each room. Home Hub then identifies each by make, model, year and serial number.

This information can be passed onto the new homeowner – giving them peace of mind as well as all the information they need to master their own home.

The Home Hub App ‘auto-magically” pulls through all the information a homeowner needs. You can then pass this all onto the new owner – giving a great value add.

User manuals are all stored in the App. Information on any product recalls are available. Service interval details are all stored.

Download the Home Hub App today and start giving extra value to your clients today.

Talk to our Home Inspector Team today at +1 206-300-1049 – we are happy to help.

Looking for more information? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Looking for the name plates on your appliances? Click here.

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Watch the video to see just how Home Hub works.

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