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Really find this app convenient to keep inventory of your home things even though developed for Real Estate agents/Professionals use. Over all real nice to use. I am using it for my personal home stuff. Works great. I had a simple DIY database I created to keep track of my home inventory but will transfer all my data to this app. Like it a lot. – Rhmachote – Aug 6, 2019

You are one App away from that peace of mind.

  • Avoid unexpected fires, water damage, repairs and replacement due to appliance failures
  • Reduce energy consumption by having your appliances run efficiently
  • Organize all of your user manuals in a single place
  • Get recall notices of any unsafe appliances


Home Hub is one convenient App where all your appliance data can be stored. You download the App, register your home and then snap a picture of the name plates on your appliances in each room.

The Home Hub App will then ‘auto-magically” pull through all the information you need about your appliances.

User manuals are all stored in the App. Information on any product recalls will be sent to you. Service intervals will be notified to you.

By looking after the appliances in your home you can avoid large repair bills – or even bigger bills to replace entire units.

Avoid the furnace going out in winter or the air-conditioner breaking down in summer by understanding how to look after these, and other, appliances in your home.

And in case you do have to call for repairs you will immediately be able to reference the make, model and year of your appliance allowing the repairer to have the right parts first time, every time.

Looking for more information? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Looking for the name plates on your appliances? Click here.

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Watch the video to see just how Home Hub works.

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