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This app is perfect for organizing all my appliance manuals in a single digital library. With multiple units this helps me get ahead of unexpected repairs and part replacements that cause problems. The reminders for preventative maintenance not only extends the life of appliances but ensures they run more efficiently. – Darren 754 – Edited Sep 3, 2019

With many holiday renters coming and going how do avoid endless calls about appliances not working? Keep on top of all the appliances in properties that you rent with Home Hub.

Keep a digital library in one convenient place of what the appliances are at each address. You also receive timely reminders of the simple tasks required to extend the life of appliances and avoid costly repairs and replacements that affect your bottom line.

Details of what needs done at what address can easily be passed to anyone responsible for maintenance. Whether a contractor or longer-term renter.

Troubleshooting information is already in the appliance guide stored in Home Hub. You can pass this direct to your renters and avoid the late night calls about air conditioners not working, garbage disposals blocked or similar.

Make and model details are also listed to give to anyone repairing the appliances should the situation warrant an emergency repair.

Download Home Hub today and see how easy it is to scan the appliances in your properties. You can list up to 5 individual properties for free. After that, you can subscribe for $25 per month plus sales tax (discounted to $20 per month if you pay annually). This covers each user for unlimited properties.

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