User manuals

User manuals

Is it just us or does everyone have “that drawer” in their house? The one with the user guides from who knows when – many of which don’t match the appliances you have! Torn or with someone’s spaghetti or coffee on them?

That’s the beauty of Home Hub. Free up that drawer space and have all of your user guides in one place – the App.

Any time you need to make simple fixes, troubleshoot or give the detail of your appliances to a service or repair team – you have everything you need. At the touch of a button.

After scanning your appliances, the magic of Home Hub connects each with the correct user guide. Without you having to do anything else!

Works with all makes and models.

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User manuals


Looking for more information? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Looking for the name plates on your appliances? Click here.

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Watch the video to see just how Home Hub works.

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