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Home Hub grew out of a common first-time homeowner experience: A broken furnace in the middle of winter. Why did it happen? The furnace hadn’t been properly serviced in a long time.  

A large and unexpected bill to replace a blower motor was the result. It could have easily been avoided simply by replacing the air filter at regular intervals. Home owner Steve Carver knew there must be other home maintenance tasks he might be missing.

He tried to track down the right manual for every appliance in his house online. Then attempted to keep track of what maintenance needs to be done and when to avoid repair and replacement costs. From this the idea for Home Hub was born.


Home Hub seeks to make homeownership a little simpler, by giving homeowners access to all the information they need about their home’s major systems and appliances. It also gives you helpful alerts so you’ll know when simple home maintenance tasks are due.


Looking for more information? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Watch the video to see just how Home Hub works.

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