Why Home Hub Works for Real Estate Professionals

Team Home Hub have been hitting the phones and visiting with many real estate professionals over the last month. The reception has been fantastic. Welcome to all of you have joined up so far.

Many have told us that they are looking for simple ways to boost client satisfaction and increase retention. That’s where Home Hub provides a turn-key solution.

Home Hub is an App that you download to your iPhone (Android coming soon). You scan the name plates of all the major appliances and the system “auto-magically” pulls all the information into the App. Details of maintenance work, product recalls, service intervals and all the user manuals are stored in one convenient place.

Real estate agents can then simply transfer all of this information to the new owner, giving them a “whole-home” guide. The new homeowner, having just made such a large financial commitment in buying the property, can rest assured that they understand how to keep on top of basic maintenance needs. By doing this they can help to prevent further expense in repairs and replacements.

As a to the Home Hub platform your banner stays on the App ensuring that you are top of mind for referrals and future business.

Are you heading to Inman in Las Vegas in July? Why not come and meet the team. Drop us an email at , call us on 206-300-1049 or look up our CEO, Steve Carver, on the Inman App. He’ll probably even buy you a beer!

Check out more details at www.homehub.center/realtors or check out the videos section to see just how easy it is.

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