See you at Inman in Vegas?

Are you heading to Inman in July? If so, let’s meet.

CEO and all-round great guy, Steve Carver, will be at Inman all week and would love to meet up.

As the brains behind Home Hub he’d love to meet with real estate agents who are interested in a boosting client satisfaction, increasing retention of clients and providing a value-add tool for the buyers they work with.

Home Hub is your one-stop solution to manage all the major appliances in a home. You download the App, scan the name plates on all the major appliances and the App “auto-magically” pulls all the user manuals, maintenance work service information and product recall notices into one place. Check out our video page to see how it works.

You can transfer the information to the new home owner and help them avoid costly repairs and replacements. After all, they’ve just outlaid a significant amount of money on their home.

Your banner appears on the properties you scan with Home Hub. So, it’s also a great reason to engage with previous clients, offering them an after-sale service that is unexpected and useful!

Real estate agents can subscribe and use this on an unlimited amount of properties.

So, banish those drawers stuffed full of random appliance manuals. Save some trees by not printing them out. Provide a great service to your upcoming and previous clients. Stay top of mind as an all-round great guy/gal to work with.

Contact Steve at or call us on 206-300-1049. Meet us at Inman in Vegas or get in touch whenever you have a moment. It’s good to talk!

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