Home Hub asks - are you ready for summer?

Home Hub asks – are you ready for summer?
A quick guide to maintaining your appliances this season by Margaret MacKenzie, 1st May 2019

So, the good weather is rolling in across the country. Ae you ready to take on a few simple tasks around the home?

Exterior maintenance is a great excuse to spend some time outdoors. Painting the exterior – windows, siding, doors and porches might be on your list.

Yard work is also a great time to enjoy time outside the home. Clearing debris, planting vegetables, mowing the lawn and pruning back branches are tasks that normally rise to the top of the list.

But be careful out there. Around 35,000 people each year visit the ER for injuries related to lawn mowers – so stay safe!

But let’s take a look at some jobs that need done inside too. Don’t forget to check and clean the dryer vent. It is really important to clear out the lint – and to do it regularly.

Most manufacturers and appliance repair companies recommend it is done after every load. Can you remember the last time yours was cleaned out?

An estimated 15,000 home fires are caused each year by clogged dryers. Keeping yours clear of lint can go a long way to preventing fires. Also make sure that the exhaust vents are clear and in good working order.

Do you have any other top tips for summer maintenance? Let us know. Happy summer one and all.

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