Real Estate Agents Boost Referral Business with Home Hub

A study published by our friends at found that 73% of homebuyers and 65% of sellers would use the same agent again – but only 25% end up using the same agent multiple times.

If those numbers sound fairly typical to you, and you want to improve them, Home Hub can help.

Home Hub is a simple-to-use App that allows agents to document all the major appliances in the home. First, download Home Hub from the App store (Android version coming soon).

Then a simple scan is all it takes to compile all of the service, maintenance and recall information on each unit. All the user guides are also “auto-magically” pulled into the App as well. Check out our video page to see it in action.

This service can be a value-add tool provided by the agent at the point of purchase. All details are seamlessly passed over the new owner at the point of purchase.

It’s also a great reason to re-engage with former clients to boost referrals and find out if they have any plans to move/buy/sell.

Real estate professionals can use Home Hub as a differentiator in a crowded market. By subscribing to the service your banner appears on every home where you scan appliances.

We’d love to hear from you and provide a demo to you or your teams. Email me at or give me a call on 206-300-1049. You can find more details at our website by clicking HERE. Hope to speak soon.

Steve Carver
CEO and Founder

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